Unstoppable Business to Profits:

Accelerator & Business Coaching Program for

Ambitious Womenpreneurs, Business Owers &

Servant Leaders

Go from Stagnation to Transformation!

Elevate Your Income, Impact, Success, and Well-Being.

with Kim Evans

"Cohort Container Group Program, combined with Business Coaching, provides ambitious female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and unwavering support they need. Our mission is to unlock their full potential, guide them to business success, and enable them to lead fulfilling lives."

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Our Signature Framework

Unstoppable Business to Profits Accelerator: Catalyzing Success for Female Entrepreneur Leaders & Business Owners.

Is a 6-Month incubator cohort program designed to empower top female entrepreneur leaders, helping them thrive in their industries and accelerate their businesses and careers.

"As a Result of Working Together You Will Be Able to ELEVATE..."

Unstoppable Luxury Mindset

Result: Unleash An Unstoppable Luxury Mindset to Achieve Anything you Desire

Make Transformative Shifts that will Embrace Your Most Divine and Grand Self. This will Enable You to Dream Bigger, Achieve Greater, and Accelerate Success in your Life and in your Business.

This pillar is designed to empower you with the mindset of abundance and luxury, allowing you to break barriers and accomplish your most ambitious goals with confidence and grace.

Unstoppable Leveraged Scalable Offers

Result: Monetize, Package, Price and Position Your Expertise.

Create your own Financial Eco system that will give you repeat Active and Passive Revenue Streams for Increased Wealth and a Pandemic-Free Lifestyle. Create your Intellectual Property of Brand Knowledge, Digital Products, and Programs. Package Your Brand and Expertise into a High-Ticket Offer with Premium Pricing.

This pillar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to turn your expertise into a lucrative business. Create a sustainable financial ecosystem, generate multiple revenue streams, and position yourself as a leader in your industry through high value offers and premium pricing.

Unstoppable Lifestyle To Be Fit, Fab + Free

Result: Unlock Time Freedom for Self-Care, Fitness, Wellness, Beauty,

Love, and more.

Craft Workday Retreats for Inner Personal Well-being, Business Growth, Joy, Gain Limitless Inspiration so that you have more Time for Family and Friends and Things most important to you!"

This pillar is designed to empower you with the tools and mindset to create a lifestyle that encompasses self-care, fitness, wellness, and joy.

Our 3-Pillar Signature Framework:


Luxury Mindset

Leveraged Scalable Offers

Lifestyle to Be Fit, Fab + Free.

Our Coaching Model:

Unstoppable Business to Profits Group Program Includes:

Welcome to Unstoppable Business-to-Profits Accelerator.

KME COACHING is proud to introduce this prestigious 6- 6-month cohort program meticulously designed to empower and propel ambitious top female entrepreneur leaders, enabling them to thrive within their industries and accelerate their businesses to unprecedented heights.

Program Overview:

Unstoppable Business-to-Profits Accelerator is a transformational journey focused on elevating confident and established female entrepreneurs, providing them with a comprehensive and tailored curriculum that combines unparalleled mentorship, business development expertise, strategic digital marketing, and global business brand recognition.

Program Highlights:

Our Proprietary Model along with our 3-Step Pillar Monthly Coaching Curriculum:

Our Self-Paced Dripped Modules is an enriched Curriculum meticulously curated to address the specific challenges and opportunities that female entrepreneurs encounter in their businesses. It covers vital areas such as client attraction nurturing, leadership development, business acumen, growth strategies, market penetration, and effective scalability management. Modules are self-pace and auto dripped as eCourse training monthly.

6 Months Journey: Commitment to show up. Commit to a transformative one-year journey that will revolutionize your business and personal life.

Bi-Monthly Coaching: You will receive 12 Coaching Calls total, two calls per month. Every participant will receive access to 12 (live) group' coaching calls over a 6-months period with Business Leader, Kim Evans, MA.

Benefit from Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions, Tailored Specifically to You, Offering Personalized Guidance and Strategies to Propel You Towards Your Goals.

Calls are twice a month on Mondays. All calls are recorded and found in your curriculum on-line portal after you enroll.

ELITE EmpowerHer Workbook-

Unlocking Potential: Leadership Coaching for Womenpreneurs by Kim Evans, MA, LE, CMT.

You will have access to an online downloadable workbook to follow throughout the program to chart your success, vision, action steps and business growth.

4-Bonus Course Trainings for Immediate Access:

Throughout your 6-month coaching program, you will have access to exclusive eCourse bonuses.

These bonuses will be available to you during the duration of your coaching program. However, please note that access to these bonus eCourses will expire once your coaching program concludes after the 6-month period. You have the option to renew or upgrade into another program. Bonuses can be downloaded for future use.

We encourage you to make the most of this valuable additional content within the active duration of your coaching program.

2GORJIS & Courageous Celebrations

We Celebrate your success for "Rock Star' visionary leaders. Throughout the program, we celebrate the achievements of our participants and provide a platform to showcase their successes. From media features to awards ceremonies, and gifts we ensure their accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.

Your Network is Your Net Worth-Network with Other Powerful Ladypreneurs.

EmpowerHer coaching program facilitates how to cultivate and establish new connections within a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs. Building a strong network is essential for growth, and this program offers ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and partnerships on and off line.

Join the EmpowerHer Movement:

Workshops and Masterclasses
Engage in interactive workshops and masterclasses in various fields, covering topics such as innovation, branding, digital transformation, and sustainability. These sessions will provide actionable insights and tools to drive business growth.

If you're a female entrepreneur leader committed to taking your business to new heights, the EmpowerHer Business Accelerator is your catalyst for success. Apply now and embrace the journey toward empowerment, growth, and realizing your full business potential.

Are you ready to transform your business and life?

The path to becoming unstoppable starts right here, and I'm excited to share the incredible details of our Unstoppable Business Coaching Program with you.

Here are some included Free Bonuses that you receive in addition to the (10) Course Curriculum

already loaded in the platform.

Bonus Ebook- (Value$47)

Unlocking Potential: Leadership Coaching for Womenpreneurs with Established Businesses by Kim Evans, MA

Bonus Trainings: (Total Value$2500) Over 30 training hours.

  • Elevate EmpowerHer Awakening 6-pt. Podcast Series
  • Momentum Business Podcast: 8-pt Podcast Training Series
  • Unstoppable Business-to-Profits Business Masterclass Virtual Training (replay) how to monetize income and personal growth.
  • How to Create a Podcast: Dive into the world of podcasting with expert guidance on how to create and leverage this powerful platform to amplify your message.
  • Mood & Energy with Foods that Heal and Nourish Your Soul eCourse

These resources will help to equip you with the tools you need for lasting success that will grow your business on repeat.

Review of the Wealth Mastery Cohort Program-

12 LIVE Monthly calls with Kim Evans, MA over 6 months.

10 Curriculum Modules to assist you with your success.

Bonus Trainings & Bonus Ebook

Community of Audacious, Marvelous, Super Smart Ladypreneurs all for 6 months working together.

Your Investment is 10K. The Program value is over 20K.

**Become a Founding Member at this exceptional investment into your future.**

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Elevate Your Business & Online Success

"Empower Your Business Journey: Harness Your Authentic Potential for Exponential Growth"
Unlock the Full Spectrum of Your Authentic Self with 10 Transformational Business Training Modules Unveiled Over Time. Access These Modules Throughout Your 6-Month Journey."

Our Curriculum Time Released 10 Modules:

Module 1: Luxury Mindset Mastery - Be Unstoppable!

  • Embracing a powerful luxury mindset aligned with your brand essence.
  • Shifting perspectives to set the stage for profound personal and business growth.
  • Embodying the identity you aspire to in your business.

Module 2: Crafting Luxury High Ticket Offers & Packages

  • Packaging, pricing, and positioning your expertise with a luxury touch.
  • Strategies for selling high-ticket offers that showcase your unique value.
  • Aligning your offerings with market demands and client desires.

Module 3: Leverage Lead Generation with Luxury Strategies

  • Learning luxury strategies and systems to amplify reach.
  • Attracting high-quality leads to establish a foundation for sustained success.
  • Implementing effective lead generation techniques for business growth.

Module 4: Cultivate and Enlarge a Sustainable Email List with a Luxury Approach

  • Building and nurturing a luxury-focused engaged email list as a key business asset.
  • Crafting a nurture client attraction sequence with a touch of luxury for lasting connections.
  • Leveraging email marketing for long-term business growth with a luxury perspective.

Module 5: Super Star Launches with Luxury Engagement

  • Activating the Know, Like, Trust, and Engage System with a luxury touch.
  • Unlocking secrets to engaging your audience with a touch of luxury and establishing trust.
  • Creating successful launches for repeat 'Sexy Paydays' with a luxurious flair.

Module 6: Mastering Luxury Enrollment Calls & Magnetic Storytelling. Learn to tell your Story!

  • Mastering the art of enrollment calls with a luxury approach to seamlessly convert prospects.
  • Driving revenue growth through effective luxury client enrollment techniques.
  • Building confidence and authenticity in sales conversations with a touch of luxury and sharing your story.

Module 7: Attracting Soulful Luxury Clients & Locking in Client Retention

  • Discovering luxury strategies to attract clients aligned with your mission.
  • Retaining clients through exceptional service and connection with a touch of luxury.
  • Building lasting relationships to foster client loyalty with a luxurious touch.

Module 8: Luxury Self-Care, Diet & Nutrition Wellness for Lady Bosses

  • Prioritizing well-being with a focus on luxury self-care and balanced nutrition.
  • Holistic wellness practices for sustained energy and vitality with a touch of luxury.
  • Integrating luxury self-care into a busy lifestyle.

Module 9: Luxury Camera-Ready Makeup Mastery

  • Expert tips on luxury camera-ready makeup for confident appearances.
  • Enhancing personal style and confidence on camera with a touch of luxury.
  • Tailoring luxury makeup techniques for various appearances.

Module 10: Business Mastery & Holistic Marketing with a Luxury Perspective

  • Unveiling advanced luxury strategies for holistic marketing.
  • Ensuring continued business growth, ascension, and unparalleled success with a touch of luxury.
  • Integrating luxury into a comprehensive business mastery approach.

"Embark on a journey of transformation as each module unfolds, empowering you to lead and impact with authenticity, wholeness and purpose."


6- Month Cohort Group Coaching
Program Investment, 10K

Podcasts Audio Master Trainings.

Empower Business Mastery Training Cohort, you will access to special Trainings via Podcasts. Now this is a great time to never miss a training on the go, working out, in your office or in your down time.

Podcast on Spotify


Welcome KME Coaching, Inspired Conversations with Kim Evans Podcast Show. Subscribe to the show below. Did you know that a podcast show can also serve as your new business card? Ladypreneurs, if you don't already have a podcast show, what are you waiting for? You will have access Podcast business trainings in your online portal.

Podcast on iTunes
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Let's Close The Gap...

Lead with Service & High Value.

Imagine standing on one side of a vast canyon, staring at the other side where your dreams of IMPACT & INCOME are within reach.

That divide between where you stand and where you aspire to be is clear.

It's time to construct that bridge, closing the gap that separates your present reality from your desired destination. Take that bold step forward now.

During the 6-Month Incubation Coaching Program, you'll receive consistent, simple, and actionable strategies, coaching, mentoring, and essential tools.

These resources will empower you to not only create impact but also generate the momentum necessary to elevate your business to a 7-figure plus level.

On this Transformative Journey, You Will:

- Unlock a mindset hack that fuels your confidence, enabling immediate action.
- Cultivate impact clarity.
- Develop unwavering focus.
- Foster a resilient mindset with unwavering confidence.
- Uphold unwavering integrity, values and principles.

This program is the bridge that spans the gap between where you stand today and where your dreams beckon. It's time to serve your dreams and seize the success you genuinely deserve.

Do you desire to dominate your field, transform your health, and achieve your goals with unwavering determination?

EmpowerHer Wealth Mastery offers the solution.

Join our Unstoppable EmpowerHer Wealth Mastery Business Coaching Program and embark on a journey to reinvent yourself, conquer your fears, and become truly unstoppable.

This life-transforming program is a great opportunity to step into your next Era. Don't miss your chance to unlock unparalleled success in both your personal and professional life. This program investment is 10K.

Payment options are available.

Email us asap kim@kimMevans.com with any questions or if you need a payment option.

Your journey to the Freedom of Wealth, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Health, and becoming UNSTOPPABLE in every facet of life begins right here. It's time to serve your dreams and claim the success you genuinely deserve.

Regenerate your aspirations today and bridge the gap between where you are now and where your dreams await.

To your unstoppable success,
Kim Evans, MA

Dear Coach, Consultant, Expert or Provider,

Launch Your Online Program with Kim's Expertise!

'Elevate as we enter into another New Year to boost your revenue and sales!

Now is the perfect time to launch your business program, product, online products or service and share it with your audience.

If you're new to creating online programs and feeling stuck in the process, worry not! You're not alone in this journey.

Questions like "Who should my program cater to?" or "How do I design a program that delivers results?" may be running through your mind.

Kim is here to guide you on a precise journey to:

1. Identify Your Ideal Audience: Tailor your program to resonate with the right people.

2. Craft a Comprehensive Program Outline: Develop a clear roadmap for success.

3. Master Marketing Strategies: Learn effective ways to fill your program repeatedly.

4. Name, Claim & Master Your Program for greater success.

Let Kim empower you with expert insights and practical wisdom, bringing your online program to life. Together, we'll pave the way to your program's success and make a meaningful impact on your clients.

Stay tuned for more guidance from Kim as we embark on this transformative journey.

To your success,
Kim Evans, MA, LE, C.M.T

Curriculum and Bonus Materials...

Empower Podcast Series:

Awaken Your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. Invite God into your Business

Momentum 7-Point Business Training: Enhancing Spirituality, Mindset, Beauty, Health, and Lifestyle Wellness.

Behind the Mic Podcast:

Behind the Mic Podcast: Your Guide to Creating Your Own Successful Podcast

Unstoppable Business-to-Profits Unstoppable Business-to-Profits: Virtual Training for High Ticket Sales and Work-Life Balance

EmpowerHer Wealth Mastery Is For

  • Visionary Female Entrepreneurs.
  • Established Business Owners for at least two years.
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Experts and Brand Influences
  • Service Providers
  • C-Suite Executives creating an exit business.

If you identify with any of these roles, want to step into your next new ERA and aspire to elevate your business and personal life to new heights, this program is tailored for you.

Unstoppable BTP Program Includes:

Ongoing Support and Mentorship dedicated to your success, business and well-being.


Monthly Live Business Coaching Sessions

Engage in live coaching sessions tailored to your needs, offering personalized guidance and strategies for success. 12 coaching sessions are included. Enjoy bonus workshops and events designed to deepen your learning and expand your skill set.


4-Added Bonuses

*Empower Podcast Series

*Momentum Business Training

*Behind The Mic Podcast

*Unstoppable Business-to-Profits Virtual Training


10-Support Modules of Curriculum

Comprehensive Training Modules: Access a wealth of knowledge through our comprehensive training modules covering essential business topics dripped over time.


Supportive Community

Join a supportive community 'Rock Star' Women owned businesses, Business & Servant Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers and other like-minded Individuals, fostering collaboration and growth.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Accountability and Progress Tracking: Stay accountable to your goals with built-in progress tracking tools and regular check-ins. Includes workbook, calendar, pdf's and mind maps.

Meet Kim.

Certainly, here's a brief story about Kim.

If you are reading away, Kim Evans, a true Renaissance Businesswoman, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 29. Armed with a passion for wellness and an unwavering commitment to her vision, she ventured into the world of health and beauty.

Starting as a solo-entrepreneur, Kim laid the foundation for her dream, a journey that would lead to the creation of her own wellness empire. She became a licensed aesthetician, makeup artist, holistic massage therapist, and businesswoman, mastering her craft over two decades.

Through her business, 2GORJIS® Wellness, Kim not only thrived but also expanded her reach. Her "Look Good, Feel Great Wellness Program" became a staple in public middle schools and high schools, advocating holistic wellness for the younger generation.

Over the years, Kim's expertise evolved, and she delved into health education, nutrition coaching last 7 years, and the creation of her own line of specialty products under the 2GORJIS® brand since starting in 1996.

Her dedication to her clients and unwavering commitment to holistic wellness turned her business into a success story.

Today, her private facial and massage practice in the heart of Lafayette, CA, is a testament to her journey.

Kim's clinical skincare facials, holistic massages, waxing services, professional makeup artistry, and nutrition wellness coaching have garnered a loyal following.

Kim's passion has transcended geographical boundaries, as she expanded her Health & KME COACHING with Wellness Virtual Coaching Programs, making her expertise accessible worldwide. Her commitment to simplifying wellness and making it relatable has been her hallmark for 27 years.

Kim's journey is a testament to what's possible when passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment converge. Her story inspires countless others to pursue their dreams, redefine success, and make a positive impact on the world.