Go From Overwhelmed to Empowered with a Plant-Based Roadmap.

The Ultimate Simple Guide for Ambitious Businesswomen to Crush Anxiety, Manage Stress, and Skyrocket Productivity.

Elevate Your Mood,

Focus, and Energy with

Foods That Heal & Nourish Your Body.

What You Will Learn:

  • How plant-based eating can help ambitious businesswomen reduce anxiety, improve their mood, and maintain emotional well-being.
  • Strategies for using plant-based foods to increase focus, productivity, and energy levels, even for busy women on the move.
  • Practical tips for incorporating plant-based meals and snacks into a hectic lifestyle, allowing to thrive both personally and professionally as you grow your business sales, have more joy and happiness. You deserve unapologetically to have a fit, fab and free lifestyle.
  • If you like what you see here, we take a deep dive further into nutrition, wellness and self-care management in my one-year group coaching container: Unstoppable Business-to-Profits Program. Your replay is included in your registration purchase.





As a National Speaker, beauty expert, holistic health educator and business coach, and podcaster, Kim has helped women entrepreneurs for over 27 years, grow their businesses, package, position, price and scale their expertise.

Kim M. Evans is the Owner of 2GORJIS Integrated Health & Wellness Boutique Private Spa and KME Coaching located in Lafayette, CA, in the greater SF Bay Area opened since; 1996.

She has earned a Masters degree in Holistic Health Education and Nutrition to help transform the lives of women around the globe with their beauty, health, wealth and wellness. 

She has also masterfully crafted her beauty & wellness on-line coaching business and now along with her online school: 2Gorjis Radiant Beauty, Radiant health, you can now access one of her classes from anywhere at anytime. She coaches for major corporations and employee biometric wellness screenings.

Welcome to have your health and beauty transformed in 2023 Vibrant and Healthy Year with Kim Evans Master Classes and Virtual Webinars. 

Kim Evans, MA, LE, CMT

Speaker, Renaissance Beauty & Business Coach and Holistic Health Educator.

"The Ageless Path to Holistic Health and Joy. Live Vibrantly and Create Your Perfect Life Every Day with Foods That Heal."

 The Webinar That Will Empower and Transform You.

Learn the ultimate nutrition roadmap to joy and happiness for life, and how incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet can help you achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Explore the mind and hormone connection to anxiety, weight gain, and depression, and discover how a plant-based diet can positively impact both mental and physical health.

Understand the anti-anxiety foods that can change your mood, and learn how to incorporate these foods into your daily meals and snacks for maximum benefit.

Discover how a plant-based diet can be a powerful tool in your mental health toolkit.

Develop your new anti-anxiety lifestyle with a focus on plant-based eating, specifically designed for busy women in business on the move.

Learn practical tips for incorporating plant-based meals into your busy schedule to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance energy levels.


Plant Based ECourse Training | 2GorjisWellness (samcart.com)


Webinar comes with the replay

Bonus Gift: 7-Part Momentum Elevate Podcast.

This will be a limited seating and sold-out event, so grab your virtual seat today!


"Kim is one of the most professional and knowledgeable Health, Wellness & Makeup Practitioners I know."

- D. Wilkerson, Sales & Finance Advisor


 "I participated in Kim's Nutritional coaching program and it was the most valuable, enriching & fulfilling experience I could have. 

Without overwhelming me she consistently provided beneficial tools, resources, and information that I've used to incorporate into my daily routine; as I am continuously working on improving my healthy eating habits, I often reference back to the most valuable experience I had, which was walking through Trader Joe's with Kim.  

She literally grocery shopped with me and referred back to written materials she provided; thereby bringing everything full circle and essentially easier to digest..... Kim is best at what she does."

- Y. Elston, Realtor for KW Realy, Danville, CA

"Kim helped to reinforce positive nutritional outcomes to obtain all of my goals of being a dedicated athlete no matter in the ice, cold or rain and as a professional.  

"Kim understands the relevance of putting a healthy plan together and then executing, to achieve positive outcomes".

-M.J.B, MA, Theorist & Professional Cyclist, Napa, CA

"I have been going to Kim for massages, skincare and makeup consultations for over 20 years She's also given me helpful nutritional and wellness tips along the way. She is Wonderful".

-R. Blanchard, RN, Educator, Orinda, CA


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